Tuesday, April 23

Pantone Spring 2013: Need Me Some Nectarine

I'm not one to follow trends too much, or wear a ton of color for that matter, but for some reason this nectarine is really doing something for me. Based on the Pantone Spring 2013 Report, Nectarine is in and, well, I don't hate it. I'm a standard black, brown, white and safe, flattering pops of color kind of girl, but ugh this nectarine color is just so great! It's not obnoxious but not boring either, and I gotta tell ya, I want that lipstick on my lips right now. I think the real reason I'm not saying whatever to this delicious fruit (color) is because it is terribly similar to my old friend coral, a color that I couldn't stop wearing if I tried. So, what do you think? How will you wear it this Spring/Summer? I'd wear/buy everything featured above, (not all together of course, people may be blinded!)

Skincare Routine/Products I Love

I'm not an expert at proper skincare by any means, but I do appreciate when people share their routines/favorite products so I thought I'd share mine! If I had unlimited funds, the products I'd purchase would be a bit nicer, but this is what I can afford and it works for me! (Also quick side note, there are some products not included in the photo because, on some, the packaging isn't what it used to be, and no one wants to see a picture of an unattractive product, amiright?!)

So first I use these Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Facial Wipes to take off my makeup. They're SO GENTLE. I have pretty sensitive skin and they aren't irritating or rough, and one wipe usually does my entire face (bonus!). I even like to use them right when I get home from work and know that I'm in for the night because who wants to sit at home with a face full of makeup? Also, they're available just about everywhere so if I run out I don't have to panic trying to find more.

Next I'll use whatever eye makeup remover I happen to have on hand (for anything the Simple wipes didn't get). I think I'm finishing up a bottle of the Ulta brand right now, but I also like the Almay wipes or Maybelline has some great stuff! 

Then I wash my face. This is the tricky part because I have sensitive, slightly acne prone skin so I'm always trying new products. Right now I'm using a sample size of the Philosophy Purity Make Simple One Step Cleanser and it's wonderful. It's a light, milky consistency and feels so soft on my skin. It cleans and moisturizes and I haven't had any breakouts really so I'll probably re-purchase! (The cap broke off somehow, that's why there's no picture!) 

I like to wash my face morning and night, but at night sometimes instead of a regular face wash, I'll use the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. The texture is grainy but in a good way and it really feels like I'm polishing my skin! It's also gentle enough for daily use which is great news because you kind of get addicted to using it!

Once or twice a week I'll use this Up & Up Apricot Facial Scrub (a St. Ives dupe). I use this one sparingly because it is much harsher and as I said, my skin is pretty sensitive. 

To tone my face and cool/moisture it after cleansing, I like to use Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel. Seriously - this product is phenomenal. It's been around for ages and rightfully so. It's soothing and gentle and cleansing and while the smell is a bit strong for some, I adore it. I dab some on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face and neck and I can tell a difference in my skins vitality instantly. (I also keep some in a small spray bottle in my purse just incase I need a pick me up during the day, because honestly it makes my face feel so fresh!)

For dark spots on my chin I've been trying this Ponds Dark Spot Correcting Cream. It's just a thick cream that I spread on my chin/problem areas at night and so far I don't have any complaints! (But also no results, womp womp.) I'm hoping that after time I'll see some results but until then it's just acting as a nice moisturizer!

On current spots, I'll either use Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment (not pictured) or this Burts Bees Acne Solutions Spot Treatment. They're both very potent Salicylic Acid products and depending on the pimple, I'll use one over the other! (The Burts Bees for harsher spots that need some extra soothing as well, and the Clean and Clear for simple, less harsh spots.)

On my lips I'll use this Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Julips. You know how some people say to scrub your lips with a toothbrush to remove dry skin? Well it's like that, but tastier! You just pinch some out of the pot, spread it on your lips and start scrubbing! After, you can lick off the excess (though I usually don't because I've just brushed my teeth) but it's honestly such a a dream for cleaning up dry, flaky lips!

After, my lips usually feel a bit raw/exposed so I use this Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant on them (honestly because I saw Rachel from CheckInTheMirror using it and it's supposed to be a miracle worker). The verdict: it smells like going to the doctors and feels like thick burn gel but DESPITE those things, it works like a charm! There's a whole laundry list of uses for this 8 Hour cream and I plan to try them all!

Thank you for reading! I hope this was interesting/maybe helped you in your decision making. Please feel free to let me know if you've tried any of these products and how you feel about them as well!

Tuesday, March 5

Embroidery Inspiration

Lately I've been itching to start embroidering. I thrifted a handful of embroidery hoops from Savers and they're just sitting in the corner waiting to be used! I've always been fascinated by hand sewing/hand work when it comes to patterns and prints, there truly are some amazing talents out there. Two shops on Etsy in particular, Stitch Culture and Three Red Apples, caught my eye! Here are some of my favorites from them.



I've found quite a few shops/embroidered designs that I admire, so maybe I'll make featuring some favorites a weekly thing :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Thursday, January 24

Olive Clothing


So I've recently come across a clothing brand I'd never heard of before called OLIVE. I was browsing blogs before bed, (as I do most nights) and I came across a new one! It was called Snakes Nest and the blogger, Bethany, was wearing this perfect army green slouchy coat. When I scrolled down I saw that it was from Olive. I was delighted - a new blogger and a new clothing brand all in one swoop! I immediately scoured the brands website, pinning some looks to Pinterest and taking mental notes on styling. The clothes are 
gorgeous, their website is incredibly user-friendly (they even have a blog!) and they sell a few odds and ends in the "lifestyle" sections that give the store a nice bit of diversity.  Here's a little snippet of their own description of their brand I pulled from the blog:

"Inspired by everything from vintage Parisian backstreet boutiques to the creative talent of fashion's young blood, Olive reflects the unmistakeable familiarity and character of vintage influence, but with an unexpected twist. We cater to intelligent, creative, confident individuals who appreciate tradition and design classics, but approach fashion with a creative vision, a sense of humour, and a light dose of mischief."

How lovely is that? If I had a bit more spending money, you better believe it would be spent here. But until then, I can lust and swoon over the effortless styling and exquisite craftsmanship of this merely 3 year old shop. Here are some of my favorite bits!


All images are from the website so please please check it out!

Monday, November 12


Here's a little peek into my life via my Instagram. Once I get a proper camera I'll be able to do actual photo posts, but for the foreseeable future I have my completely adequate (more than adequate really) iPhone camera! I have far too much fun with Instagram. I just recently downloaded the new Afterglow app and it's phenomenal! So many options, I spend far too much time tweaking my pictures. 


a blanket of crunchy leaves coating my street, my backyard view
oatmeal for breakfast, and a smoothie

deciding on which oxfords to wear, a new h&m sweater, and holiday coffee 

 thrifted christmas albums, Andes mint coffee, and my snow covered home

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Tuesday, November 6

Love Her Style - Karen Gillan

Hello and Happy November!

I know it's six days into November and all but on this blog I'm welcoming it now, OKAY. I'm a bit of a procrastinator if you haven't noticed. Anyway, I figured it was time for another "Love Her Style" post (previous posts found here, here, and here) because it's been a while and also because lately I've been pretty obsessed with a modest little show called Doctor Who (maybe you've heard of it?) that (currently) stars an adorably feisty ginger. (If you haven't seen/heard of the show you should check it out!)  The show is brilliant and I've been watching it since the 9th doctor, but they're currently on the 11th and his companion at the moment is called Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan.

Honestly, I just adore her. She has this killer red hair that makes even the plainest outfit pop and these long gazelle legs that help pull off any look. She layers well and carefully, choosing colors that compliment her pale complexion. She's one of my go-to celebrities for outfit inspiration because she's quite tall and gawky like me and she knows how to dress for that shape (I tend to lean toward shapeless silhouettes at times and she wears them often and well.) I mean, even her character on the show dresses quite perfectly, (though I prefer her style outside the show.)

Karen Gillan effortlessly embodies classic, quirky and modern all at once and that's why she's earned herself a place on my "Love her Style" list.