Thursday, September 29

(a lack of a) thursday tradition

Hey guys, it's Thursday, and you know what that means! (follow the link to understand better) Wait, you don't. Because I don't have any actual readers and for those of you few who are taking the time to read this (thank you classmates), I have never done anything special for, hey guys, it's a random day here and here's a random blog post!

I thought maybe I'd share with you all a few things I've been finding on the internet lately and enjoying, andmaybe you'll enjoy them too :)

These blackcab sessions are absolutely perfect. The creators go on cab rides in London
(typically) and film famous musical artists as they perform in the backseat. It's so intimate and gritty, 
you almost feel like you're in the cab with them. Favorites of mine include First Aid Kit, Bon Iver 
and The Kooks featured below!

Here's a nifty idea to help you create the most hilarious and curse-free
insults imaginable - it's called the Shakespeare Insult Kit,
if you could not see the obvious boldfaced title below. 

This, because I love all things Arrested Development. If you have not seen the show
(a gem that was wrongfully canceled by Fox - a network that is known for ending 
great TV Shows, i.e Firefly) then  a) you probably won't understand half the things 
I reference and b) you're totally missing out. 

I suggest you watch it on Netflix! And well, if you don't have Netflix at this point in 
your life then I don't know what to do for you.

This gorgeous home that I would like to live in.

Dreaming about someday affording this coat, because it looks ridiculously 
comfortable and warm and cozy and I want it on my body, now.

And finally, these creative and delicious looking renditions of your basic grilled cheeses,
via A Beautiful Mess. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Have a great weekend everyone! Next blog post I think will possibly involve me
crafting something. But I'm fickle, and I like to keep you on your toes, so we'll see. BYE GUYS.

Saturday, September 24

autumn and thrifting haul

Friday marked the first day of Autumn and I couldn't be more thrilled. Everything about this season makes me swoon, like this fangirl swooning over Twilight. Okay, not quite, but you get the point. It's by far the best season, filled with a natural charm and allure that I swear brings out the best in everyone. Apple cider, flannel, foliage, pumpkin flavored everything, bike rides, school supplies, chunky knit scarves, and sales on Halloween candy, come on what's not to like? Fall also means LAYERS (capitalized for excitement) and possibly one of the best color pallets, by far.

I love the deep rich earth tones mixed with soft neutrals. Looks like a pile of leaves a little, huh?

So this morning I finally felt somewhat decent after 4/5 days of agonizing mouth pain (let me tell you, abscesses, fillings and root canals are about as pleasant as they sound) and so I decided to put myself together and head out to a thrift store nearby called Savers. It's like a little slice of heaven for anyone who likes variety and hates spending more than 10 dollars on something as simple as a knit sweater.

For those of you who love to go thrifting, or have never done so before, I insist that you check out the blog Foxtail + Fern and read her wonderfully helpful list of 11 Tips for Thrfiting - because well, it can be frustrating at times and it's nice to have a plan.

First I found this top. It's a mustard yellow button up blouse and it was $2.99.

I know that this color is gaining popularity for this season so I decided to snoop around online and I found this blouse that is extremely similar and it's priced at $68! Win!

Then I grabbed this sheer black and white striped blouse. It's very see-through and I adore it, partly because of I think it has a Beetlejuice-esque-ness. That's a thing right? Well anyway, it was $3.99 so I was pleased.

I grabbed this sweater because of it's comfy, cozy, rainy day quality and when I saw it didn't have a price I asked the man at the register and he rang it in as $1! Good thing I brushed my hair before I went, right?

And finally, I saw these 2 silk scarves and fell in love.
The one on the left was $1.99 and the one on the right was $2.99.

They're the long, rectangular kind which means they're easy to style and perfect for wrapping around your hair to dress up a boring pony tail or bun. If you don't know what I'm referring to, than I suggest you check out Keiko Lynn's Head Scarf Tutorial. She shows how to dress up a hair-do with a vintage scarf, and it literally takes minutes!

The total cost of my thrifting haul purchases, minus a pumpkin swirl coffee from Dunks, was about $13.00!
Probably the the same cost as just one shirt from any given store at the mall, just sayin'.

Now get off the internet and go do Fall things :)

Saturday, September 10

spinach dip!

So, I'm a snack fanatic. I snack on just about anything, just about anytime of the day. And one of my favorite things to snack on would have to be dips and all the number of things that can be used as a vessel to eat said dips - like pita bread, chips, crackers, melba toast, vegtables, etc. So today I decided I'd make the mecca of all delicious dips: spinach dip. But oh wait, I'm not just making the dip, no no. I did a little internet surfing and found this gem of a recipe from the mouthwatering food blog Picky Palate for creating Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls and well, why not, right? So brace yourself as I a) attempt my first blog post and b) show you a step by step of how I made both concoctions and how they turned out - no laughing please!

First I should probably mention that I'm using a modified version of this spinach dip recipe. Modified because I think real mayo is gross (sorry Dylan!) and that's what the original recipe calls for.

So here are the ingredients:
1 package of  frozen chopped spinach
1 container of sour cream
1 cup of Miracle Whip mayo
1 package Knorr's Vegetable soup mix
1 small can of water chestnuts
4 scallions
1 whole grain loaf of bread (to put the dip into)
1 roll of Pillsbury french loaf (for the Mini-Bowls)
Here's the lineup! Super easy!
After preheating the oven to 350 to get ready for the Mini-Bowls,
I mixed together my container of sour cream and 1 cup of mayo. LOOKS DELISH ALREADY.

Next I chopped up my scallions and water chestnuts into tiny bits.

And added them, as well as the Knorrs Veggie Mix onto my sour cream/mayo medley!

Next, I steamed/drained/and chopped up about 3/4 of this bag of spinach.
The bag said chopped, but their idea of chopped was unacceptable so I had to improvise.

I then added it to the rest of the ingredients and mixed until it looked edible.

I portioned some out for the Mini-Bowls and stuck the rest in the fridge, because the recipe said for
best results, let chill for about 2 hours before dipping. (if you can last that long!)

 I then chopped up my french roll loaf

 Added them to my cupcake pan, molding them to create a bowl shape

And took my smallest spoon and scooped a dollop of my mixture into the center of each mold.
I added a dash of garlic salt and cheese on top because well, it felt right.

  Then popped them into the oven for 15 minutes!

 I (kind of) patiently waited until this happened!

Aren't they adorable? I was so pleased (surprised really) with how well they turned out.

My friend stopped over before work and got a treat!

After about two hours, most of the Mini-Bowls had gone to a happy place, and
the rest of the dip was cooled and ready to go, so I hollowed out the loaf of bread and voila!

Overall I'd say it was a success! I didn't nick any fingers or burn myself in the process and 
I got to say things like dollop and voila, which I rarely ever get the chance to do.

Hope you enjoyed!