Thursday, September 29

(a lack of a) thursday tradition

Hey guys, it's Thursday, and you know what that means! (follow the link to understand better) Wait, you don't. Because I don't have any actual readers and for those of you few who are taking the time to read this (thank you classmates), I have never done anything special for, hey guys, it's a random day here and here's a random blog post!

I thought maybe I'd share with you all a few things I've been finding on the internet lately and enjoying, andmaybe you'll enjoy them too :)

These blackcab sessions are absolutely perfect. The creators go on cab rides in London
(typically) and film famous musical artists as they perform in the backseat. It's so intimate and gritty, 
you almost feel like you're in the cab with them. Favorites of mine include First Aid Kit, Bon Iver 
and The Kooks featured below!

Here's a nifty idea to help you create the most hilarious and curse-free
insults imaginable - it's called the Shakespeare Insult Kit,
if you could not see the obvious boldfaced title below. 

This, because I love all things Arrested Development. If you have not seen the show
(a gem that was wrongfully canceled by Fox - a network that is known for ending 
great TV Shows, i.e Firefly) then  a) you probably won't understand half the things 
I reference and b) you're totally missing out. 

I suggest you watch it on Netflix! And well, if you don't have Netflix at this point in 
your life then I don't know what to do for you.

This gorgeous home that I would like to live in.

Dreaming about someday affording this coat, because it looks ridiculously 
comfortable and warm and cozy and I want it on my body, now.

And finally, these creative and delicious looking renditions of your basic grilled cheeses,
via A Beautiful Mess. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Have a great weekend everyone! Next blog post I think will possibly involve me
crafting something. But I'm fickle, and I like to keep you on your toes, so we'll see. BYE GUYS.


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