Sunday, October 16

october, please stay

Ahhh, October is almost over and I feel as though I've barely had a chance to do everything I've wanted to. I haven't jumped in a pile of leaves, I haven't carved a pumpkin (this is what i was thinking of doing - oh Martha), and I have not eaten candy until my stomach hurts - oh wait, it's not Halloween yet, there's still time. I have, however, over indulged in apple cider and pumpkin flavored coffee, so let's not say i haven't done anything.

There's just something about this season that makes me want to craft and bake. Initially this week I began creating my own detachable peter pan collar.  I favor the collared look a lot, and the way it mixes structure with femininity. It makes me  excited to put together new outfits. Plus Alexa Chung (pictured) is kind of my style icon (follow the link for her Madewell line - oh how I wish i wasn't a broke college student). So i looked up a few tutorials on how to make my own! There were so many, but my favorites were from Silk and Satan, Runway DIY, Transient Expression, and A Little Decadence. And while these ladies had some awesome and easy to follow steps, I totally over estimated myself. I lack a sewing machine and a steady hand - so until I acquire either one, I'll have to wait to finish the collar. I did most of the steps though! Here's what I have so far. I just need to sew it and I'd like to add a ribbon and maybe a button in the front to tie it together. I'll keep you updated!

BUT I did make something small so this post isn't a total waste! I was looking around online for new hair clips/accessories I could make and something caught my eye. The pop of color of a small flower, a feather or a small clip is something I've always worn and loved, so I was delighted when I came across this crazy simple and awesome hair comb tutorial from Lemon Jitters. Following her lead, I bought a 4 dollar pack of 12 combs, then took to my thread/embroidery floss collection and picked out my favorite colors.


Then, I just wrapped the colors I chose around the comb in a V-pattern, tucking each end
under the next color. The last thread I kept in place with the tiniest bit of glue. 
And here it is!

I love the colors, they remind me of Fall leaves. I wore it to work the other night and
having to regularly look like Johnny Cash in all black menswear inspired clothes, it just made me feel better.

Also,  if you're looking for a laugh, or are having a bad day,
I suggest you take a peek at  this blog. Trust me.


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