Sunday, October 16

songs and sundays

With the exception of a few gloomy days, it's been so beautiful out lately. I decided to make a playlist that you can download if you'd like. It's the kind of playlist you'd listen to while enjoying a lazy Sunday, or while on a quiet drive with the windows way down. The kind of playlist that reminds me of Autumn, cool and inviting, before winter creeps in and freezes everything in sight. You can click here or the picture to download it. I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do.

On a different note, it's Sunday here, and I think it's the best day of the week. Sundays should be spent catching up on responsibilities, spending time with yourself, family and friends and doing things that make you happy. I spent today re-organizing my room (drawing inspiration from one of my favorite sites The Selby) reading, watching re-runs of shows that make me smile, and a handful of other very small things. It may sound boring to most of you, but to me, it was perfect. I'll leave you with the video that I'm sure many of you have seen, but for those of you who haven't, enjoy - it's pure magic.


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