Tuesday, November 29

My ambition is handicapped by my laziness

Oh man, in two days, it's December. Can you believe that? I cant even fathom the idea. Where did November go? It feels like I blinked my eyes and it was over. Christmas is only 27 days away, which means I have 26 days left to go get presents for everyone. I'm a very last minute kind of shopper (kind of person actually.) It's not that I'm a grinch or anything, I think I'm just lazy when it comes to going out and shopping. I mean, I absolutely love Christmas - set me up with a mug of hot chocolate and some Bing Crosby and I'm content for hours.  But I have a problem with buying gifts because I want to get so many things for so many people and each gift has so much thought put into it that I end up severely broke and unhappy because I didn't plan correctly and I have no money left over to live. But not this year. This year I'm making lists and organizing and limiting myself to 2 or 3 (small) gifts per person and I'm going to (try) to get it all done before...December 20th. Yes, I like that. That way i have an entire week to RELAX, stress free and actually enjoy this gorgeous and delightful season.

Some thoughts I've had so far for giving each gift a personal touch:  fill small mason jars with something handmade and lovely to go with their present. Recipes I've found so far include, Peppermint liqueur, Cookies in a Jar and/or Brownies in a Jar, and Flavored Coffee! I'd even make tags that have a personal message and further instructions on the back for baking!

Also, I've also recently bought a large plain tote bag from Michaels Craft Store - I had a 50% off coupon and got the thing for 5 bucks! I also tried to buy Acrylic Gel Medium but they didn't seem to have it anywhere. My plan is to make a few people some personalized tote bags featuring things they like! The Gel Medium is used to transfer images onto fabrics or other surfaces through an overnight process. The end result is pretty cool and it's cheap/simple. I'm going to test it out with my own recently purchased tote and put this one of these images on it:

Bukowski is my favorite poet and I've always wanted a t-shirt or something with his face or a poem of his on it. But now, i figured i can just make one myself!

When I finally acquire some transfer gel I'll document the process and show you And I'll keep you updated on the Christmas purchases! What are you asking for for Christmas? I'm finally getting a small sewing machine and I could NOT be more thrilled about it. So many handmade clothes and crafts to come!

Have a great week :)

Saturday, November 19

there's more to life than books, you know. but not much more.

Happy Weekend! 

The semester is quickly coming to an end and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm thrilled to finish up but with this semester down, I only have one left. And after that...ah! I'm not ready to be done and have a degree. I like my little bubble. But, it's happening and I'm going to have to go with it. 

So, I'm taking an Editing and Publishing class at my college and lately we've been talking a lot about E-books and the impact technology has/will have on print. Will "e-ink" take over? Will books become relics or classic items like records? Will the publishing world become irrelevant and how are people adapting to a slow turning paperless world? And while we didn't really come up with any answers...I think we came to the conclusion that we can't do anything about their impedance on our world. We need to embrace change and try to imagine a world where the two forms can co-exist. Why does it have to be one of the other? Our society is ever-changing and we can either hop on the train or get hit by the train. Or...stand of to the side and watch it pass you by, I guess. 

I for one can understand and accept what's happening. I believe both e-readers and print books have a place in our world. But I must admit, I like to romanticize book reading - I do not feel "cozy" curling up with a warm blanket, some coffee, and a piece of plastic and machinery. I like the feel of books - folding pages and cracking the spine - scribbling notes in margins and underlined favorite quotes. I like to make bookmarks and press flowers in the pages and there's just something about buying a used book that's been loved and treasured by someone before you that you can't quite get from anything else. And most importantly, I cannot imagine some day owning a home that does not have gorgeous library inside. So I thought I'd share some library/stacks/print inspiration! All images found either from a Tumblr I follow called Tea, Coffee, and Books or Pinterest!

And I'll leave you with this quote by Stephen Fry, to keep you imagining a world where book lovers will continue to read no matter what the form:

"Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators."

Now go read something!

Sunday, November 13

shorts are a year round trend, you know


Sometimes I look into my closet and sigh and groan and wonder, what the hell am I going to wear today? I know I have plenty of clothes, but many of them are not "winter" friendly, you know? My fashion style is starting to become more refined and slowly, very slowly, I'm adding more blouses and classic pieces to my wardrobe (because obviously blouses say I'M A GROWN UP right?) even still, I have quite a few tank tops and shorts that seem boring but I'd like not to forget about them in the colder months. Tank tops are simple to winter-fy - just add a cardigan! But shorts - how do you wear shorts when it's snowing out and you have the temperament of a 70 year old woman? (I'm always chilly!)


Just add tights! It's brilliant and simple and it honestly looks super classy if you style it right. There's jean, tweed, wool, lace, silk, leather - literally any kind of shorts work if you take the time and effort to pair them right. And the best part? In the off-season months, shorts are typically cheaper than usual (especially at wholesale places like forever21). If you time it right, at the end of summer when they have ever piece of summer wear on sale, snag a few shorts for super cheap and you're all set!


Featured above are just some inspiration to keep you creative in your fashion choices this winter! And GOOD GOD, HAVE FUN WITH IT. Style is personal and it's all about having fun and seeing what you can come up with. (Watch Bill Cunningham: New York, he'll tell you!) I try to never be judgmental or mean, but i think the Ugg boots and a North Face jacket trend sends out a very clear message that says, "I didn't give any thought to what I was going to wear today and I enjoy looking like everyone else". I guess I just see it as, it doesn't take much effort to develop your own style and wear clothes that show some personality, so why wouldn't you do it? You know?

Have a great week everyone :)

Sunday, November 6

just another thrift haul and some garland

It's Sunday again! Usually I don't have work (and that's how I like it) but tonight I'm covering someones shift, so it's not exactly an ideal Sunday, but, I'm still happy nonetheless. Last night we threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom which was so great - most of her friends were there, some she hadn't seen in a while. She was blushing all over the place, so mission accomplished. But man, it's crazy to say my mom is 60 now. Here's a picture of us from last Christmas  (yes she is that much shorter than I am).

Anyway, I went thrifting the other day and got some winners. If you go thrifting, then you know that most places have specials on top of their already low prices (imagine that!) and let me tell you, I came out of this haul with some amazing finds. Everything featured below is thrifted except for the bowler hat below, I bought from H&M. I've been so inspired by the way Sarah of The Stylish Heart rocks it, I had to get one and try it myself. The boots are thrifted from the St. Vinvent De Paul charity shop in Lowell. They were only 5 bucks! I apologize for the crappy camera phone pictures, I'll use a better camera next time.

Okay so this is one of the great finds of the day. It's a light brownish/burnt yellow J.Crew sweater. J.CREW. Even basic sweaters run you about $60 there. I got this for $1. Can't wait to style it with a collared shirt.

But that's not it. This is a Ralph Lauren button up. THREE DOLLARS! I'm sorry what? Yeah, that's right. It was $3 and it's in amazing condition.  

This lovely lace shirt is a perfect cream color and goes with just about anything. And it was $1.

And this is a slightly heavy fall jacket that was $4. I got it because it reminds of this gorgeous jacket from Modcloth!

I also wanted to share with you quickly before I go inhale some coffee before work, that I made a few garlands for my moms party. I think I'll do an entire blog post on garlands in the near future - they're a simple and classy way to decorate and they're so fun/easy to make! There are literally endless options and dozens of tutorials online to chose from. Here's one that's a DIY for the tissue paper pompoms I made!

And then I made some bunting garland using pretty paper and string. Click the link to see an easy tutorial on how to make no-sew fabric bunting. I had the paper on hand but you can use either! The outcome is just homey and folksy. I'm not a fan of snobby decorations anyway.

Have a great week everyone!