Tuesday, November 29

My ambition is handicapped by my laziness

Oh man, in two days, it's December. Can you believe that? I cant even fathom the idea. Where did November go? It feels like I blinked my eyes and it was over. Christmas is only 27 days away, which means I have 26 days left to go get presents for everyone. I'm a very last minute kind of shopper (kind of person actually.) It's not that I'm a grinch or anything, I think I'm just lazy when it comes to going out and shopping. I mean, I absolutely love Christmas - set me up with a mug of hot chocolate and some Bing Crosby and I'm content for hours.  But I have a problem with buying gifts because I want to get so many things for so many people and each gift has so much thought put into it that I end up severely broke and unhappy because I didn't plan correctly and I have no money left over to live. But not this year. This year I'm making lists and organizing and limiting myself to 2 or 3 (small) gifts per person and I'm going to (try) to get it all done before...December 20th. Yes, I like that. That way i have an entire week to RELAX, stress free and actually enjoy this gorgeous and delightful season.

Some thoughts I've had so far for giving each gift a personal touch:  fill small mason jars with something handmade and lovely to go with their present. Recipes I've found so far include, Peppermint liqueur, Cookies in a Jar and/or Brownies in a Jar, and Flavored Coffee! I'd even make tags that have a personal message and further instructions on the back for baking!

Also, I've also recently bought a large plain tote bag from Michaels Craft Store - I had a 50% off coupon and got the thing for 5 bucks! I also tried to buy Acrylic Gel Medium but they didn't seem to have it anywhere. My plan is to make a few people some personalized tote bags featuring things they like! The Gel Medium is used to transfer images onto fabrics or other surfaces through an overnight process. The end result is pretty cool and it's cheap/simple. I'm going to test it out with my own recently purchased tote and put this one of these images on it:

Bukowski is my favorite poet and I've always wanted a t-shirt or something with his face or a poem of his on it. But now, i figured i can just make one myself!

When I finally acquire some transfer gel I'll document the process and show you And I'll keep you updated on the Christmas purchases! What are you asking for for Christmas? I'm finally getting a small sewing machine and I could NOT be more thrilled about it. So many handmade clothes and crafts to come!

Have a great week :)


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