Sunday, November 6

just another thrift haul and some garland

It's Sunday again! Usually I don't have work (and that's how I like it) but tonight I'm covering someones shift, so it's not exactly an ideal Sunday, but, I'm still happy nonetheless. Last night we threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom which was so great - most of her friends were there, some she hadn't seen in a while. She was blushing all over the place, so mission accomplished. But man, it's crazy to say my mom is 60 now. Here's a picture of us from last Christmas  (yes she is that much shorter than I am).

Anyway, I went thrifting the other day and got some winners. If you go thrifting, then you know that most places have specials on top of their already low prices (imagine that!) and let me tell you, I came out of this haul with some amazing finds. Everything featured below is thrifted except for the bowler hat below, I bought from H&M. I've been so inspired by the way Sarah of The Stylish Heart rocks it, I had to get one and try it myself. The boots are thrifted from the St. Vinvent De Paul charity shop in Lowell. They were only 5 bucks! I apologize for the crappy camera phone pictures, I'll use a better camera next time.

Okay so this is one of the great finds of the day. It's a light brownish/burnt yellow J.Crew sweater. J.CREW. Even basic sweaters run you about $60 there. I got this for $1. Can't wait to style it with a collared shirt.

But that's not it. This is a Ralph Lauren button up. THREE DOLLARS! I'm sorry what? Yeah, that's right. It was $3 and it's in amazing condition.  

This lovely lace shirt is a perfect cream color and goes with just about anything. And it was $1.

And this is a slightly heavy fall jacket that was $4. I got it because it reminds of this gorgeous jacket from Modcloth!

I also wanted to share with you quickly before I go inhale some coffee before work, that I made a few garlands for my moms party. I think I'll do an entire blog post on garlands in the near future - they're a simple and classy way to decorate and they're so fun/easy to make! There are literally endless options and dozens of tutorials online to chose from. Here's one that's a DIY for the tissue paper pompoms I made!

And then I made some bunting garland using pretty paper and string. Click the link to see an easy tutorial on how to make no-sew fabric bunting. I had the paper on hand but you can use either! The outcome is just homey and folksy. I'm not a fan of snobby decorations anyway.

Have a great week everyone!


Jess said...

Congrats on pulling off the surprise! Its hard not to spoil it. And those finds are amazing, you lucky thing. Theres never anything like that around here :( I love the bowler too, I have one but its at my dads house. Not happy xxx

kristen said...

Aw thank you! I know, I rarely ever get that lucky! And she was shocked, it took so much will power not to blurt it out! The bowler is a bit too big but i think it's better to have a hat that's too big instead of too small, that way my head won't look huge haha :)

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

The most perfect winter staples x

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