Tuesday, December 13

Christmas Time

This weekend my friends and I had an Ugly Sweater/Yankee Swap party. It's become a Christmas Holiday tradition among most people my age and why the hell not? It's stressful to try to find a nice outfit to wear to parties during the season, so why not go to the thrift store and spend three bucks to look like Bill Cosby? It's always fun and really laid back and when you get drunk and spill on yourself, it's never a big deal. So i thought I'd show some classic ugly sweater offenders as inspiration for anyone thinking of doing the same. I didn't take many pictures at the party due to my hands being occupied by beer/wine all night, and the ones I did take are on a disposable - so I'll try and get those up here soon! Till then, check out these gems.

And here's the sweater/vest I chose for the vesitivities.

On a different note, despite the lack of snow on the ground, it is Christmas season, which means CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. I've finished a handful of people but there are still plenty of small things I'd like to get here and there. Most of the lovely blogs I follow all creat these "gift guides" and/or "wishlists" of things they like/want this season and i thought i'd share theirs because well, i'm lazy and they have great taste! Follow the links for their posts!

Once finals are over and I have more free time, I'll be back to blogging with actual interesting stuff, I promise :)