Wednesday, May 2

Love Her Style - Jane Birkin

I thrifted two wicker baskets a while back that will function lovely as purses in the Spring.

They are small but not tiny and sturdy (not to mention adorable). I have a bit of a collection of wicker baskets I'll have to post sometime. I just love their rustic look - i use them as storage for socks/intimates, school papers, crafts, etc and they really give my room a "lived in" and eclectic feel which I like.

But then I got to thinking about what initially sparked my interest in wicker baskets and it hit me: Jane Birkin! A french model/actress/singer, she's effortlessly beautiful and one of my favorite style muses. I saw a photo of her years ago with this large wicker picnic basket as a purse on one arm and her husband on the other and I absolutely swooned. She is sexy, stylish, confident, talented and an endless source of inspiration. She dressed simply, but never looked plain - a balance I am continually trying to master.
Here are some of my favorite shots!

I'm sorry for the hiatus :( I'm just about done with school (I'll be a college graduate! oh man) and I am very much looking forward to having time to blog again. I've missed it!


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