Thursday, October 18

Currently/Fall Favorites

So lately I've been wandering around the blogosphere, taking notes, gathering ideas and just being ridiculously inspired by all of the amazing bloggers out there (there dedication and ability to not only document, but LIVE such interesting lives is seriously incredible.) But during my blog-travels I found this blogger Nicole from Flip flops and Combat Boots who started doing this little segment (I guess we can call it that?) which she got from another blogger by the name of Lauren over at siddathornton, and well I just had to give it a go! It's basically just a way to update readers on what you're doing, well, currently! (And in a neat/clever way!) So here we go then.


Reading: The novelization of the film Big Fish by Daniel Wallace. (I almost just wrote David Wallce! The Office, anyone?) 

Writing: A little grocery list of healthy snacks I need to purchase. So far all I have is a pomegranate and hummus, and I'm pretty okay with that. 

Listening: To myself chew on a delicious pink lady apple!

Thinking: That I use way too many exclamation points. 

Smelling: A pumpkin spice candle I bought at Walmart for about $4. It's one of the most delicious smells and I've nearly used the whole thing up since I bough it a few weeks ago!

Wishing: I was back in school right now. Since graduation I've been longing for homework and all the wonderful things being in college allows for. 

Hoping: I make some good money at work tonight! Without going crazy in the process.

Wearing: An oversized gray sweater and some black leggings. Typical lazy potato attire. 

Loving: The teal nail polish I just painted on myself! 

Wanting: To get into shape. I've been all talk lately about wanting to get into jogging and all I really need is a firm kick in the butt to get me going. 

Needing:  A chiropractor. My back is all sorts of messed up. (I'm a serious sloucher)

Feeling: Anxious about the internship I just applied for. 

Clicking: through photos of inspiration for my Halloween costume this year. It's a surprise but once i have all the pieces i'll snap a picture and share!


I compiled some of the items I've had my eye on that I'm swooning over for my fall/winter wardrobe.
Most of them are a bit (understatement) out of my price range, but a girl can dream!


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