Tuesday, October 30

Halloween 2012/Dwight K Schrute

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Hey guys! So as I mentioned in my previous post regarding past costumes, I wanted to keep this year a secret. But I already went to my party so the secret is out! I went to a party on Saturday night and didn't tell anyone what I was beforehand. When I arrived I mostly got faces of confusion and then a giant "OH MY GOD!" with the slow realization that I was the character Dwight Schrute from The Office. A cute version, I guess. I've seen male Dwight costumes but never a women's, so I thought I'd give it a go!
via instagram

I got a calculator watch from Walmart, thrifted a mustard women's button up, ugly tie and briefcase, and wore some khaki skinnies and oxfords that I already had. I struggled the most with the glasses. I couldn't find ANY that looked like his! So I ended up popping out the lenses on a pair of aviators.

Then I printed out/laminated a "Dunder Mifflin" I.D badge, printed out a few Schrute Bucks and all night long I dished out "Facts", "Questions" and screamed for "MICHAEL!" It was really fun (and cheap!) and so I thought I'd give you some visuals on how to do it too! And for all of you last minute costume creators out there, you're welcome to steal this! Don't forget to mention Bears, Beets, and Battlestar Galactica ;)

(I also tried making a jello mold with a stapler inside but it didn't have enough time to set so it failed miserably. Would have been hilarious though!)

I hope everyone has a fun (and safe) Halloween!



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