Thursday, October 4

(DIY) Halloween Costume Ideas

Hello hello. Today I thought I'd share two of my previous Halloween costumes because this is about the time of the year when people begin brainstorming/googling up a storm trying to concoct something! (I know I do!)

Years ago I dressed as Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. My friend happened to have this pen that looked like a needle, so I broke it and made it look like it was sticking into me. Then I bought a wig, threw together her very simple outfit (sans coat) and bloodied myself up! I also dabbed some sugar on my nose to add to the drugged out look. I live near Salem, MA where people flock during this holiday and throughout the night so many people asked to take pictures of/with me! It was fun to be recognized and play a character. "I said goddamn!"

I created this costume during the height of the drink Four Loco's popularity. I figured I'd just be a 20 something year old party animal who thought they'd be cool and crush the can until their skull. Only, it killed them instead!  So I cut up the can (fyi I did not drink it first, god awful drink let me tell you) and hot glued it to a headband! then I created a quite realistic bloody mess near the impact spot and voila! This costume took me about 20 minutes to make and it was so low maintenance I forgot it was there for most of the night.

Hope this helps a little! Getting creative with your costume is half the fun of Halloween, I think! Plus you don't have to worry about someone wearing the same costume as you. This year my costumes a secret so once I have pictures i'll show you :)

UPDATE: Here's my costume this year!



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