Monday, October 1

Love Her Style - Julie Andrews (Birthday Tribute)

In honor of her birthday today, I figured i'd do a "Love Her Style" edition of Julie Andrews! She's the definition of timeless. Sure she's known for her voice, and maybe a little role by the name of Mary Poppins, but this dame (literally a Dame) has always had an effortless and elegant style. She's poised and composed and has lead such a full and interesting life. I'd love to sit and have a cup of tea with her (with a spoon full of sugar, obviously) (cheeseball alert) Plus she's always rocked a shorter hairstyle, which I will always be envious of. Happy Birthday, Julie Andrews! You're a true inspiration.

"Sometimes I'm so sweet I can't even stand it."

"I'm an optimistic lady."

Happy October, all!


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