Monday, November 12


Here's a little peek into my life via my Instagram. Once I get a proper camera I'll be able to do actual photo posts, but for the foreseeable future I have my completely adequate (more than adequate really) iPhone camera! I have far too much fun with Instagram. I just recently downloaded the new Afterglow app and it's phenomenal! So many options, I spend far too much time tweaking my pictures. 


a blanket of crunchy leaves coating my street, my backyard view
oatmeal for breakfast, and a smoothie

deciding on which oxfords to wear, a new h&m sweater, and holiday coffee 

 thrifted christmas albums, Andes mint coffee, and my snow covered home

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Tuesday, November 6

Love Her Style - Karen Gillan

Hello and Happy November!

I know it's six days into November and all but on this blog I'm welcoming it now, OKAY. I'm a bit of a procrastinator if you haven't noticed. Anyway, I figured it was time for another "Love Her Style" post (previous posts found here, here, and here) because it's been a while and also because lately I've been pretty obsessed with a modest little show called Doctor Who (maybe you've heard of it?) that (currently) stars an adorably feisty ginger. (If you haven't seen/heard of the show you should check it out!)  The show is brilliant and I've been watching it since the 9th doctor, but they're currently on the 11th and his companion at the moment is called Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan.

Honestly, I just adore her. She has this killer red hair that makes even the plainest outfit pop and these long gazelle legs that help pull off any look. She layers well and carefully, choosing colors that compliment her pale complexion. She's one of my go-to celebrities for outfit inspiration because she's quite tall and gawky like me and she knows how to dress for that shape (I tend to lean toward shapeless silhouettes at times and she wears them often and well.) I mean, even her character on the show dresses quite perfectly, (though I prefer her style outside the show.)

Karen Gillan effortlessly embodies classic, quirky and modern all at once and that's why she's earned herself a place on my "Love her Style" list.