Thursday, January 24

Olive Clothing


So I've recently come across a clothing brand I'd never heard of before called OLIVE. I was browsing blogs before bed, (as I do most nights) and I came across a new one! It was called Snakes Nest and the blogger, Bethany, was wearing this perfect army green slouchy coat. When I scrolled down I saw that it was from Olive. I was delighted - a new blogger and a new clothing brand all in one swoop! I immediately scoured the brands website, pinning some looks to Pinterest and taking mental notes on styling. The clothes are 
gorgeous, their website is incredibly user-friendly (they even have a blog!) and they sell a few odds and ends in the "lifestyle" sections that give the store a nice bit of diversity.  Here's a little snippet of their own description of their brand I pulled from the blog:

"Inspired by everything from vintage Parisian backstreet boutiques to the creative talent of fashion's young blood, Olive reflects the unmistakeable familiarity and character of vintage influence, but with an unexpected twist. We cater to intelligent, creative, confident individuals who appreciate tradition and design classics, but approach fashion with a creative vision, a sense of humour, and a light dose of mischief."

How lovely is that? If I had a bit more spending money, you better believe it would be spent here. But until then, I can lust and swoon over the effortless styling and exquisite craftsmanship of this merely 3 year old shop. Here are some of my favorite bits!


All images are from the website so please please check it out!