Tuesday, April 23

Pantone Spring 2013: Need Me Some Nectarine

I'm not one to follow trends too much, or wear a ton of color for that matter, but for some reason this nectarine is really doing something for me. Based on the Pantone Spring 2013 Report, Nectarine is in and, well, I don't hate it. I'm a standard black, brown, white and safe, flattering pops of color kind of girl, but ugh this nectarine color is just so great! It's not obnoxious but not boring either, and I gotta tell ya, I want that lipstick on my lips right now. I think the real reason I'm not saying whatever to this delicious fruit (color) is because it is terribly similar to my old friend coral, a color that I couldn't stop wearing if I tried. So, what do you think? How will you wear it this Spring/Summer? I'd wear/buy everything featured above, (not all together of course, people may be blinded!)


Marlen said...

ahhh nectarine lipstick is my favorite, ever! it's so fun to wear during the summer and i feel so chic doing it ;) i really like this shade too- especially as a crop top. yowza, i'd love that one you picked to be hanging in my closet right now!

xo Marlen
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chantilly said...

this color looks so refreshing! i love that floral dress :)

Laura said...

i love nectarine for this time of year! the lipstick and phone case are my favourites!
you've got me feeling all summery now!
lovely blog :)
hope you're ok?
laura xx


Stephanie said...

I love the dress, gorgeous colour :) x

Little Tree Vintage said...

Ahh this color is awesome, love it

joannely said...

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